Copper Bottles


Copper bottles, a sustainable approach towards not only a healthy life but also sustainable environment. From times immemorial, the copper metal has been a must have in our lifestyle. Apart from having the medicinal benefits, copper acts as a shield in our immune system and has been giving immense benefits like improving digestion. Not to forget that the copper ions in the water are said to have antimicrobial properties which eventually helps to kill harmful bacteria and virus.

With wide variety of the copper bottles and amazing designs, we aim to give not only a stylist look but also attain the durability of the product by maintaining its shine, even after prolonged use.

Concluding the benefits, copper bottles have been always a natural approach to stay hydrated. Choice of copper bottle over disposable plastic water bottles will surely give you a mental victory and acts as an impactful decision in not only enhancing the lifestyle but also giving back to the nature a small but meaningful gift.